I Am A Writer

I Am A Writer

I am a writer. I primarily write novels, but occasionally get sidetracked into short stories, some of which have been published in anthologies. When people asked me what I write, my answer was always science fiction because that was what I believed when I started each of my novels. The short stories somehow turned into cute mysteries or fantasies. My released novel, The Field Trip, can best be described as “An adventure mixed with a touch of fantasy. Add a twist of love.” At least that is written on the back cover. Some might classify it as light sci-fi.

A new novel, Three Remain, will be coming in the near future. Updates on it can be found at this site on the “Three Remain” tab.

            Three Remain

I write from a small community in Michigan, sometimes at three in the morning when ideas wake me from sleep. I was born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts and traveled throughout New England , sometimes drawing on those childhood experiences for my novels. Driven to write, my goal is simply to entertain by bringing the reader the unexpected.

Since I am a writer, this site will have comments and discussion about my work, but my posts will also share interesting information, and speculation about nature, science, or anything fascinating in life. The post on “plastic cheese” is the first of many that touch on topics mentioned in Three Remain. If interested in receiving an email to inform you when a new post is issued, subscription buttons are at the bottom of this page and at the bottom of the Posts page. Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time.