Green Mountain Boys and Their Flag

Green Mountain Boys and Their Flag

       General John Stark

This update for the post on the Green Mountain Boys is due to information provided by Stephen Perkins, Executive Director of the Vermont Historical Society. I appreciate his taking the time to send me a note on the subject. The flag typically associated with the Green Mountain Boys actually belonged to General John Stark of the New Hampshire militia. Stark created that flag from a captured box of generic flags, painting the stars on the blue field. Stark used the flag at the battle of Bennington leading his militia. Estimates of 250 to 350 Green Mountain Boys led by Seth Warner, reinforced Stark’s position when his militia faltered.

Stark’s flag was incorrectly linked to the Green Mountain Boys in the 20th century and has even been adopted by the Vermont National Guard who are known as the Green Mountain Boys.

The historic Green Mountain Boys did not have a flag. What remains of General John Stark’s flag resides at the Bennington Museum in Bennington, Vermont.

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