Are Animals More Attracted to Some People? Revisited

Are Animals More Attracted to Some People? Revisited

This is an update to a previous post, Are Animals More Attracted to Some People? I tried finding scientific studies on whether or not some people attract stray animals with little success. Plenty of studies and opinions on attracting stray people, but not much on animals. But, after reading so many experiences by people, or stories about witnessing the way some people attract animals, I make the declaration, IT IS TRUE, SOME PEOPLE NATURALLY HAVE AN AFFINITY WITH ANIMALS. It’s a scientific fact.

A Michigan resident named Chelsea recently read the original post and was kind enough to give me her personal experience on the subject. Her story and photos touched me and I believe support the premise of my declaration. These were her comments:

are animals more attracted to some people

Chelsea: “Had just met these two. Mother and daughter, my grandpa said they never had taken to anyone before or since. Mom was very protective of Pumpkin, her baby (who I named), but loved me and would let pumpkin play with me. Pumpkin was attached to me from the day I met her..”

RAA: “That’s awesome. I wonder what about you immediately signaled “a nice human” to them?”

Chelsea: “I’m not sure, but funny thing is Pumpkin remembered me when I visited again over a year later (Grandpa lives in Kentucky). I was the first one to get a halter on her, without any problems. Years prior, one of my grandpas donkeys also took a liking to me and was borderline obsessed, lol.”

RAA: “So there is something inside you animals trust. I appreciate the comments. It is amazing what animals can sense better than people.”

Chelsea: “I believe it goes deeper than that. I believe I can sense/understand animals as well. For instance my dog Gemma that I adopted 1 year ago in March from Detroit animal control. I went there to meet her after seeing her picture online. I had seen hundreds of pictures of dogs. When I met her, she was so sweet and timid and never barked- despite being outside with construction going on less than 100ft away. However she looked like a terrifying pit mix that could rip you to shreds! But she was such a scaredy cat! The only thing was, I wanted a BIG dog, and they posted she was 80lbs but she was really around 50lbs. So I left without her. Drove a couple blocks away to the Humane society with her on my brain. Got back in my car, called my husband and said “I gotta go back and get that dog. She’s not exactly what we were looking for, but there’s something about her that is so sweet-I have to go back to get her!” And he said ok, do it! Needless to say my life has been changed forever and she truly is the sweetest big baby/scaredy cat you’ll ever meet, disguised as a Big Scary Pit Mix 😂

Oh and now she’s 80+ lbs and a lap dog😂

Nothing earth shattering, but I’ve always had a way and felt a connection to every animal I’ve met.”

And here is a repeat of my list of reasons of why people like Chelsea attract animals:

are animals more attracted to some people
  • Appearance. The type of clothing a person usually wears-An animal probably thinks, “That dude or dudette dresses really cool. I think I’ll hang around so I’ll be with the in-crowd.”
  • Body language and tone of voice. Probably the most important factor, animals pick up clues by movements and voice on a person’s gentleness, fear, and threat towards it. For example, if an animal senses fear, it thinks, “Let’s see how fast I can make this human run so I’ll look good to my friends.”
  • Scent. Individuals have different smells that are also affected by their emotional reaction to the animal. This has some overlap with body language and many animals have a keen sense of smell. This characteristic is also enhanced if the person is carrying fish, t-bone steak, or a dead squirrel in their purse or pocket.
  • Understanding. Some people just naturally or through experience, know how to behave with certain types of animals. They can tell if an animal wants to be touched or not, or if the animal is frightened. As an example, if confronting an escaped tiger at a shopping mall, the understanding  human would decide to run and pray simultaneously. The right choice.
  • And finally, there’s individuals who attract animals, children, and neurotic people. I have no clue as to what’s going on there.

I hope this post has been educational to some. I’d be interested if anyone can shed some light on the last point.

are animals more attracted to some people


I am a fiction writer, but research topics and provide posts like the one above for enlightenment and entertainment. If you liked it, please take a look at some of my other posts and my home page, R. A. Andrade. This post was prompted by the following passage in my novel, The Field Trip:

“This yours?” he asked Ernie

“Naw, just a stray that hangs around. Probably ’cause Penny is always putting food out for it. She has a soft spot for cats. You like cats, Professor?”

“Yes, but I also have this weakness for any stray. As a kid, I was always picking up wandering cats, dogs, injured rabbits. My mother finally put an end to it. But I still do it. Don’t know why, just compelled to help out homeless, injured or lost animals.”

6 Replies to “Are Animals More Attracted to Some People? Revisited”

  1. You should read into astrology. I’m an astrology student and stumbled upon your site. I really enjoy it. I think you’d gain something from exploring astrology! Definitely this post reminded me of the sign of Pisces.

    1. Denisse, I appreciate your comment and am happy you enjoy the site. The topics I post about are prompted by passages from my novels and astrology has not been mentioned in my first two books, but maybe it should in the third I’m working on now. But, I do occasionally post on a subject brought up by comments like yours. There is so much written about astrology, if I did research and a post on the topic, I would want it to be a unique aspect of the field. I’ll think about it…or since you’re astrology student, you might have some ideas that could be of interest…or do a guest post on this site. If you’re interested, contact me on the contact form on the site or email me at
      I would also be interested to know what about the animal attraction post reminded you of the sign of Pisces. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

      1. Both my husband and son are the kind of people who animals and babies love. My husband got in trouble for scratching a Clydesdale ear when the horse came to him. As for my son, he worked for a drive thru safari place in Gentry, Arkansas. A racoon decided that he was his human. I couldn’t even get near my son that the coon would snarl at me.

        1. Interesting to hear of more examples of individuals who attract animals. Sorry you got left out of the family trait.

  2. i went to a coworkers wedding. had never been there before. someone let a dog out of the house, it came right to me. why?

    1. Certainly a possibility that you are one of those people who attract animals or had appeal to that one particular dog. Your having similar experiences with other dogs or animals would be some indication. You are welcome to share them here if you have any other examples. Many are interested in such experiences.

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