Book Offer to Subscribers

Book Offer to Subscribers

Occasionally I break from the typical themes of my posts for the topic of writing. This is one of them. I am making a book offer to subscribers of post notifications. The featured image above captured the publisher’s reaction to this idea.

The Offer

Selladore Press will send any subscriber to a free signed print copy of my novel, The Field Trip, if you purchase an ebook version on Amazon. Price of the ebook is $2.99 in the United States. Since I know I have some current subscribers in Canada, the price on Amazon there is CDN$ 3.78. Selladore Press pays for shipping of the print copy.

This offer is good until the end of October of 2018 or while the signed copies last.

How it Works

You purchase the ebook on Amazon before November 1st of this year and send me a note, either on the website Contact Form or directly to me at Indicate that you purchased the ebook and supply the name and mailing address where you would like the signed print book sent. Any questions, concerns, or suggestions are welcome at any time.

Possible Outcomes For You

  • You love The Field Trip. You get to place a copy in your private library to read again and again.

book offer to subcribers

  • It’s just okay but you wouldn’t bother to read it again. You get to regift the book for the coming holiday season.

book offer to subscribers

  • You don’t like the book at all. You have a physical copy to throw across the room in frustration for wasting your time. Please respect the personal space of other people, pets, or breakable room items if you end up taking this route.


Why Am I Doing This?

  • I like October.
  • Celebrate the editing process for the upcoming novel, Three Remain, going well.
  • Subscribers to this website who read the posts regularly should get benefits from time to time.
  • Hoping than anyone who likes The Field Trip takes the time to write a review on Amazon.

Risk to You

None, other than your time. If you don’t like the book or are dissatisfied in any way, I will personally return the money you paid for the ebook edition of The Field Trip.


Links to The Field Trip on Amazon U.S. and Amazon Canada are provided below. Touching or clicking on the images will bring you to The Field Trip ebook edition on the respective Amazon websites.



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