Is it Bunnyfluff or Bunny Fluff for a Nickname?

Is it Bunnyfluff or Bunny Fluff for a Nickname?

A topic that should be on everyone’s mind is the origin of the nickname, “Bunnyfluff.” Exposed to the name Bunnyfluff for the first time when watching a movie many years ago, I thought it to be exceptionally funny and so it has always stuck in my head. Which movie you ask? I will reveal the movie later in the post. As the years passed, I attempted using Bunnyfluff as either an user name or password on online services, networks, or entertainment sites. I imagined it to be very unique…and still hilarious. But I was wrong. Every attempt indicated the name or password was taken. Bunnyfluff 1, bunnyfluff2, bunnyfluff3, and so on…all taken. When I started this post, intending to research the origin and history of the name “Bunnyfluff”, I anticipated a wealth of information since it seems to have somewhat frequent usage. Wrong again. The name is sometimes used as an identifier, but nothing seems to indicate its origin, or even if it is one or two words: Bunnyfluff or Bunny Fluff.

Bunny by Delilah



Fluffy Bunny

Searches for Bunnyfluff often return information on “Fluffy Bunny.” The first definition of fluffy bunny is just that: a very fluffy bunny or rabbit. Intuitive, but not very interesting, although for people who have bunnies, I suspect it is. However, the second definition is more fascinating: A derogatory term that describes a fake Wiccan, ignorant of the genuine beliefs of that religion. It is generally believed that fluffy bunnies obtained most of their knowledge from the TV series, Charmed, which began in 1998. Those episodes were about three witches.

Bunny Fluff Examples Today

  • Bunny Fluff Farms – Rabbits, The Other White Meat
  • Bunny Fluff Beat Box Music – Songs & music – an example
  • Bunny Fluff YouTube Channel – Personal channel with no recent updates (no link provided)
  • Bunny Fluff –Listed on LinkedIn as employee of Warner Brothers Canada (no link provided)
  • Bunny Fluffz – Art on Flickr – 1.2 K followers

True Bunnyfluff Origin – My Theory


A movie released in 1980, Galaxina, combines themes used in Alien, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica. It is a spoof and rated poorly by critics, so do not expect serious science fiction. The plot as described by IMDB: Crew of interstellar police ship is sent to recover a mysterious crystal, the Blue Star Star. The ship’s female android and a crew member fall in love. Alien is spoofed as the captain gives birth to an alien who grows up on the ship thinking the captain is its mother.

Laser sound effects in the movie came from Battlestar Galactica and many of the door sound effects are taken from Star Trek.

Notable quotes:

  • “Robot woman like clock; pretty face, pretty hands, pretty movement, but hard to regulate when she get out of order.”
  • Thor: “Children. We can’t have children.                                                                                                                                     Galaxina: “Yes we can. They’re in the catalog too.

In the movie, Sgt. Thor affectionately addresses Galaxina as “Bunnyfluff “in one scene. It may be the origin of the nickname. Since I do not have a copy of the script, I am unsure if that is one or two words.

Dorothy Stratten, a former Playboy Playmate, intended to focus on a serious acting career, played the role of Galaxina. Sadly, her husband murdered her later that year with a shotgun blast to her face.

Note: Post prompted by the following passage from The Field Trip:

“About in position. Things not going well?”

“No, not very well. But I’m working on it.”

“Seems I’ve heard that before,” Oswald teased. “Did that guy call you Bunnyfluff?”

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