Michigan Dogman

Michigan Dogman

I think myths, legends, UFO sightings, and other unexplained phenomena are both intriguing and fun. I want to believe because it would be exciting, but have not been convinced thus far…although, I accept the possibilities, so am always open to additional supporting evidence. Growing up, I devoured stories and books about the classics like Big Foot; Loch Ness Monster, alien bodies at Roswell, and ancient astronauts. Later in life, I discovered there were many more less-known legends and myths. Crossing from Vermont to New York by car-ferry, I became ecstatic to find out that a Lake Champlain Monster existed. After purchasing a book on “Champ” (that is its name to those in the know) in the ship gift shop, I spent the remainder of the time crossing to New York, scanning the waters with camera in hand for any glimpse of Champ. It didn’t happen. In the years following, I continued uncovering new legends like the Chupacabra,  Jersey Devil, and the Michigan Dogman. This post is about Dogman.

Although living in Michigan for several years, I was oblivious to this lore until a song about it named Legend reached my ears in the late 80’s. Most information I dug up about this creature related to stories about firsthand sightings, the song, and the movie. I will focus on the legend itself.

The Dogman is described as being about seven feet tall with blue, red, or yellow eyes. It is a canine-like, bipedal creature having the torso of a man and a dog’s head with a frightening howl sounding like a human scream. The first reported encounter with Dogman occurred in 1887 in Wexford County, Michigan when two lumberjacks saw the creature. Since that time, reports of Dogman sightings seem to occur on a ten-year cycle. It has been spotted in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and may also be the same creature reported along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Wisconsin.

Dogman At Home

The Dogman legend may predate the Wexford County occurrence by hundreds of years since there are Native American tribes in the same region that have tales about half-wolf, half-man beasts that walked on two legs. Speculation on the possible connection between a Menomini legend and Dogman can be found on Chad Stuemke website.

If you are interested in Dogman, a good resource is LindaGodfrey’s Blog.

Due to a comment on this post, an expansion on this topic was posted. If interested, see:  Return of Michigan Dogman

Note: This Michigan Dogman post was prompted by the following passage from The Field Trip:

Ross let out an audible sigh. “Weird stuff?”

“Yeah, I saw in on that news channel, 586 I think. Strange things in the sky at night and reports of an explosion. They claim it’s something to do with missile testing; but I don’t buy it. I don’t think it’s safe. You should go on your field trip somewhere else.”

Recalling his flight instructor’s mention of “strange shit” in Vermont, Ross asked against his better judgement, “What else did the news report have about it.”

“That it’s a government cover-up for an alien landing,” she whispered as if government officials bugged her apartment.

“Wait a second, is that ‘news station’ the one you had on covering the Dogman of Michigan last time I visited?”

His mother paused, the answered tentatively, “Yeah, so?”

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  1. Im from Alberta Canada and I’m a strong believer of DM. It’s not a matter of if they exist or not that concerns me rather what the governments intentions are concerning our welfare when a repeat of the LBL occurs. Too many people ,when a diar innocent happens or is happening post it live on the internet. When it goes viral there will be no stopping the TRUTH.

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