Return of Michigan Dogman – The Evidence

Return of Michigan Dogman – The Evidence

A comment submitted for the Michigan Dogman post in May requested more evidence videos for Dogman. If any readers have anything to contribute, it would be appreciated.

michigan dogman

These are links to videos I found:

Episode from Monster Quest

Michigan Dogman Werewolf Video

5 Scary Dogman Videos

Michigan Dogman Evidence

Dogman Encounter in Alpena

Dogman Caught on CCTV

Michigan Monsters

Four True Dogman Encounters

Police Officer Encounters Dogman

Real Werewolf Sightings Caught on Tape – Dogman (2016)


michigan dogman
Dogman Enlists in Military



Note: This Michigan Dogman post was prompted by the following passage fromĀ The Field Trip:

Ross let out an audible sigh. “Weird stuff?”

“Yeah, I saw in on that news channel, 586 I think. Strange things in the sky at night and reports of an explosion. They claim it’s something to do with missile testing; but I don’t buy it. I don’t think it’s safe. You should go on your field trip somewhere else.”

Recalling his flight instructor’s mention of “strange shit” in Vermont, Ross asked against his better judgement, “What else did the news report have about it.”

“That it’s a government cover-up for an alien landing,” she whispered as if government officials bugged her apartment.

“Wait a second, is that ‘news station’ the one you had on covering the Dogman of Michigan last time I visited?”

His mother paused, the answered tentatively, “Yeah, so?”




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