The Secret Life of Jellyfish

The Secret Life of Jellyfish

I recently had the rare opportunity to interview the world-renowned authority on the life of jellyfish, Amelia Kashian. Not only is she the youngest expert on jellyfish, but multi-talented in the arts. Amelia contributed the artwork below  and an exciting video clip for this post .

life of jellyfish
Jellyfish Art by Amelia Kashian


Click on this image to view Amelia’s Jellyfish Video:




 Interview with Amelia on Jellyfish


I would like to thank Amelia for the time she stole from her busy schedule in devoting her expertise and talents to this post on the life of jellyfish.


This post prompted by the following passage from the book, The Field Trip:

…. He probed deep into the interior with the beam only to find the inside empty, except for an unidentifiable substance of some kind on the lowest side. Stepping back, he released his breath, inhaled and exhaled deeply a few times to capture fresh air in his lungs, and returned to his study. On closer inspection, he saw that the substance appeared as some kind of residue. He withdrew again, retrieved the stick, and prodded the material. Its texture and consistency reminded him of a beached jellyfish he had toyed with as a child on a family vacation to Cape Cod.

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