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The Arizona Trail

The Arizona Trail

This post is a result of a comment on The Long Trail post that I thought might be of interest…so it is not in keeping with the general theme of my posts. Anyone reading the posts on this site may be thinking, “What the hell…I don’t see any theme.” Well there is and the first person who identifies the theme will win a free copy of The Field Trip or another book by Selladore Press, Darkness by Erin Eveland.

The Arizona Trail began with the imagination of Dale Shewalter who envisioned a cross-Arizona trail. While working as a Flagstaff schoolteacher in 1985, he began to explore the possibilities of such a trail. Evaluating  which existing trails could be interconnected by new trails to traverse Arizona’s diverse landscapes, the journey to today’s Arizona Trail began in earnest.

The Arizona Trail became one of the premier long distance trails in the country. The 800 mile trail was completed at the end of 2011. It is designed as a primitive trail that highlights the wide variety of mountain ranges and ecosystems of Arizona.

I found a nice description of the emotional feel of the trail from an individual who posted this on the “Earn Your Bacon” website in 2016:

“The Arizona Trail is a feast of nature. Meager deserts stretch out for miles and all of a sudden change to pine forests. Grasslands rise and disappear behind the next mountain. Rarely lakes reach to the trail and give you a deceptive security, due to the constant lack of water. Canyons open up in front of you and close behind you. In the same time of the year, at its lowest point, the heat will make your sweat run, while you might get snow on the mountaintops or at the North Rim.”

More information can be found with the Arizona Trail Organization.