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raandrade.com Website Menu Addition – Post Categories

raandrade.com Website Menu Addition – Post Categories

This is a raandrade.com website informational post regarding post categories.

An additional tab, labeled, Post Categories, has been added to the raandrade.com website menu.

raandrade.com Website Menu Addition - Post Category Addition

This new section summarizes all posts by topic category. This provides a guide those interested in posts by subject.

raandrade.com Website Menu Addition - Post Category Addition

Still under construction, as each category is added, every post relating to that subject matter will be included.

Any suggestions or comments relating to this addition or any other topic are always welcome.

R. A. Andrade


All categories are now updated. For example, if you’re interested in the topic of Superstitions, Myths, & Legends, scroll down the page to that category where you will see 8 listed at the time of this update. Click or touch any that catch your interest and you will be teleported to that post. Those highlighted in green were topic prompted by passages from the novel, The Field Trip. Those highlighted in green were topics prompted by passages from the upcoming novel, Three Remain. Simple, right? Those in black were not prompted by either novel, but just spilled out of my brain about some other topic that seemed important at the time.

It is noteworthy (only if you care…but I care anyway so disregard this parenthesis statement) that the topic prompted by the passages in either book works like this: I read through one of the books again for the two thousandth time and if a phrase or word interests me on that day, I write a post on it. Hypothetically, if I read the following passage from Three Remain (which isn’t out yet so you can’t do the same) I might decide to write a post on funny cat videos (but I didn’t):

Traci sat on the small bench provided inside the changing room, deciding to watch funny cat videos on YouTube to pass the time. She could text her friends later about her parents being so late to pick her up. Her friends would get a laugh out of that because it happened so often, but a girl needed priorities, and funny cats ruled at that moment. Feeling groggy, she balled up a sweater she brought in to try on, then stretched out on the narrow slab of wood watching a cat fall into a toilet on her phone. She giggled. The desire for sleep became overwhelming. Traci closed her eyes.