“Three Remain” Replaces “Sunshine at the Oasis”

“Three Remain” Replaces “Sunshine at the Oasis”

This post concerns the title of my upcoming novel and therefore departs from the usual theme of my posts. The working title for the novel has been Sunshine at the Oasis since its inception. I have assumed this would be the published title until both my editor and an individual who I rely upon for insightful critiques both said, “No, sounds good but doesn’t capture the essence of the story.”

My Argument for ‘Sunshine at the Oasis’

I like it and it does have meaning for the story.

The Debate

Those opposed: “There’s no oasis in the story.”


My argument: “But yes there is.” And then I proceeded to define “oasis” and why it relates to the storyline.

Those opposed: “No, I don’t agree. And ‘Sunshine’ doesn’t give proper attention to all the main characters in the story.”


My argument: “But it has a double meaning and…”

Those opposed: “No. Get over it.”

My argument: “But…”

Those opposed: “No.”

The Outcome

The title of my upcoming novel has changed from ‘Sunshine at the Oasis’ to Three Remain.

It is the right title for the book.

Updates can be found on the Three Remain tab in the menu.

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